1-The realization of electronic organization based on international standards in oil and gas field

2-Optimization and KAIZEN processes in the field of ICT in order to facilitate oil and gas projects


1-The use of knowledge intensive technology based on ICT in process implementation

2- Supply ICT equipment and software of projects from Internal reliable companies

3- Diversification in the activities of ICT field by buying new equipment of technology field and Providing suitable services required to implement projects

4- Promoting the level of hardware and software in the ICT field

5-compiling organizational procedures and guidelines in the ICT field

6- Facilitate the deployment of ICT culture at all levels of an organization

7-Research, Study and understanding of different systems of ICT and to seek appropriate solutions, to develop and improve systems to promote the communication network

8- Strategic studies in the field of ICT projects, study and research in the field of scientific and technical advances in data processing and presenting new plans to achieve corporate goals

9- Planning for membership of technical and specialized field of ICT Associations



1- Planning in the field of organization ICT (short term, medium term, long term)

2- Provide the necessary facilities for creation the bases and databases and corporate documents and the strength of information infrastructures

3-Creation and development of control methods and protection of databases, preparation the recovery and support and flow of information guidelines and provide the necessary facilities to access managers, experts and users to their required information

4- Selection and design of hardware configurations and monitor the implementation, maintenance and continuous assessment to improve their performance in order to develop communication required under existing standards

5- Linking the area of Corporate Headquarters with other technical and specialized centers of ICT to interchange the information and experiences and scientific and technical advances in various fields of computer science and using them if necessary

 6- Analysis and review and standardization the required software and hardware

7- Standardization, preparation, maintenance and updating the web site and proper portal

8- Analysis, design, select, implement and maintain required software packages and databases

9- Supply, maintenance and troubleshooting and debugging of network software and hardware and call center and all communication lines

10-culture building and trying in the direction practical use of systems and databases information

11- Participation in seminars and presentation of the results of scientific and technical researches and development in the ICT field