Drilling department of Persia Oil and Gas Industry Development Company (POGID) includes experts and experienced engineers is a part of Technical and Subsurface Affairs. The Department consists of following sections:


Drilling Operations Section

Drilling Operations Section is responsible to supervise safe execution of multiple drilling operations and to offer technical and scientific advices to improve the productivity and performance of drilling operations. These goals are achieved by Drilling Operations Manager, Drilling Area Manager and Well Site Supervisors in 24/7 from spud time to release time of the well.

POGID Well Site Supervisors have sufficient experience as well as IWCF certificate. They had incredible performance at North Yaran Project.

Drilling Procurements Engineering Section

Providing technical specifications of project’s procurements (MR), enquiry estimation and time management of delivering purchased materials are the main responsibilities of Drilling Procurements Engineering Section. In addition, the section undertakes the design, enquiry and time management of necessary tools while drilling operations such as fishing tools.

Drilling Engineering Section

Drilling Engineering Section has a key role position in POGID Drilling Department. Its main responsibility are preparing drilling programs, technical documents, preparing end of well reports, preparing daily/weekly/monthly both operations and engineering reports. The section consists of following sub sections

·         Drilling Planning Engineering

·         Drilling Fluid Engineering

·         Cement Engineering

Planning for multiple drilling operations and preparing technical/procedure plans for casing running, liner running, completion string plan/running, and dry test are other activities of POGID Drilling Engineering Section.

The section is capable of taking true and safe decision and re-plan the drilling program during drilling operations due to unplanned problems such as fishing, sidetracking, …

In POGID Drilling Engineering Section, the drilling engineers use the state-of-art of drilling software such as Landmark to design and plan for deviated and horizontal wells, different software to simulate well hydraulics and drilling fluid calculations.