Human Resources

Since nowadays human resource is known as the most important asset of each organization, one of the main planning fields of every company is its human resource. Considering the human resource as a strategic source for all companies, it is known as one of the main parameters of planning of any organization. One of the main reasons of new attitude towards strategic planning of human resources, is the trend of technological, social and economic changes in the internal and external environments of the organizations which are being faced frequently. If organizations want to go along these changes, they should have a comprehensive view on the human resource and consider many parameters. In the present days, the main competitive field of organizations is their effective human resources and knowledgeable employees. It has to be noted that in order to create a human resource strategy cooperation of human resource managers with the top managers of the comp-any ids highly required. Matching and strategies and cooperation of managers in different human resource fields, with the top managers of any organization will result in development of human resources which requires the appropriate planning which includes the following sections:

1.     Human resource requirements analysis

Ensuring the on time access to appropriate human resource is the primary stage of the development of human resources. So recruiting the expert and well experienced personnel and more importantly trainable employees possessing minimum acceptable criteria has the high priority.

2.     Retaining human resource

One of the most subtle and complex duties of the top managers of an organization is retaining the required personnel; which can be done through motivation and clarifying the job perspective.

Many experts in management field believe that directing the human resource in such a way that it guarantees the permanent training and continuous improvement of their capabilities will enhance the completion as well as their continuous and long term motivation. 

Evaluation and efficiency management

These two fields have the most important role in human resource development because these are the processes which can cause the improvement of organization’s efficiency. Evaluating the employees which assesses the past function of them is a process which clarifies the strength and weak points of the employees and enable the managers to define goals for the staff in accordance to the main aims of the organization. Efficiency management enables the organization manger to cooperate with the staff which will in turn result to improvement in organization’s function.