Health, Safety & Environment Policy

1.        Complying with all HSE Municipal, Provincial, National and client regulations applicable to its operations;

2.        Establishing responsibilities at all levels of Management, Employees and Contractors for implementing this Policy, and to hold them accountable for carrying out their responsibilities;

3.        Ensuring that all POGIDC employees, contractors and others are well informed, well trained, engaged in and committed to the HSE continuous improvement process;

4.        Regularly provide assurance that the installed processes are working effectively; while all POGIDC employees and contractors are responsible for HSE performance, and line management are held accountable for understanding and managing HSE risks;

5.        Ensuring contractors’ HSE management systems to be compatible with our commitment and their performance meet our standards;

6.        Developing and maintaining contingency procedures, in cooperation with authorities and emergency services, in order to minimize harm from any accidents;

7.        Allocating the necessary resources to HSE matters;

8.        Putting HSE matters as prioritized item in the agenda of meetings;

9.        Communicating the importance of HSE considerations in business decisions;

10.     Encouraging the suggestions of employees for measures to improve HSE performance;

11.     Participating in internal and external HSE initiatives;

12.     Reducing waste and consumption of materials, fuel and energy;

13.     Ensuring that potential hazards to the environment resulting from POGIDC activities are considered in the planning process and identified during operations in order to avoid them, minimize concerns and/or apply corrective actions.  Further, it is the duty of each and every one person employed by POGIDC in surface and subsurface operational activities to:

·         Understand fully the risks involved in their field of activities, correctly apply the necessary preventive measures and emergency response procedures supplied by POGIDC;

·         Take care of health and safety for themselves as well as others who may be affected by what they do or fail to do while at work, and equally for the effect that their work may have on the environment;

·         Use only tools and equipment that are in good working order and which are suitable for their job;

·         Have a transparent and proactive attitude towards the reporting of anomalies and incidents by reporting them in writing on the POGIDC incident and anomaly report forms that have come to their attention in the course of their work; and

·         Participate actively in the toolbox and other periodic HSE meetings organized by POGIDC or its Contractors.

Top Management is committed to achieving the policies stated above through the maximum voluntary cooperation of employees, based on a strong sense of personal responsibility, in order to minimize physical and mental suffering as well as hardship .Failure to actively participate in POGIDC Safe Work Programs forms grounds for termination of employment.

N. Sa’dooni

Managing Director


International certificates Persia Oil & Gas Industry Development