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Mansouri Oil field Development Project :

The Mansouri Oil Field is located in south west of Iran, close to Ahwaz Oil field from the Northwest and Abteimor oil field from the west and Shadegan field from the Northeast. The purpose of Mansouri oil field development in phase 2 is to production of 50,000 bbl. /d of crude oil in surface final production step, the construction of 22 well location, wellhead facilities and flow line for 17 wells, operation and desalting unit for 75,000 bbl. /d and NGL unit and drilling of 21 wells in sub- surface section and maintenance.


South Azadegan Oil Field Development Project:

The Azadegan Oil Field is the largest oil field in Iran and third largest oil field in the world after Qavar oil field in Saudi Arabia and Burgan in Kuwait.The exploration of Azadegan oil field goes back to 1997 in an area of 20 X 75 km. with a distance of 100 km west of Ahwaz city in Dasht-e-Azadegan area. The proven reservoir capacity of this giant oil field is around 33 billion barrels. The giant Azadegan oil field is further subdivided into southern and northern parts.Based on the contract, Persia Oil and Gas development Co. is in charge of technical, engineering and supervision services for development of this field for a period of 24 months.