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Main achievements of North Yaran oil field development project are as follows:

This project is the first buy back project carried out by an Iranian Contractor with the minimum deviation from the scheduled plan which will be completed and operated soon.

 Recruitment approximately 1800 persons directly and 5 times of the same number indirectly in this project is noticeable.

 Directional drilling of more than 2500 meters in one of the most complicated horizontal wells onshore in Iran.

 Appraising and evaluating of reservoir quality in existing channel in the area and a considerable increase in production using the channel’s good reservoir properties. 

 High-risk drilling in order to access the south branch of the mentioned channel in well No. 7 (With Production of more than 5000 barrels per day).

 Optimizing drilling operation and decreasing drilling time in such a way that the subsequent wells have been drilled and completed with the shortest time compared to other wells drilled and completed in West Karoon area.

A new record has been registered in this project as the best horizontal drilling rate which is 143 m. in 21 hours.