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North Yaran Oil field development project (Buy Back):

The North Yaran oil field development project is the most important and large project in progress which has been awarded to POGIDC through a buy back contract on 2012.This North Yaran field is situated next to South Azadegan giant oil field and is located near Jofeyr and Yadavaran Oil fields. The purpose of developing this field is production of 30,000 barrels of crude oil per day.The time schedule for execution of this project is estimated to be 58 months. The project total cost is 700 Million USD and totally financed by POGIDCo.

The project includes the following sections:


Work over of 1 appraisal/producer well and drilling of 19 pilot/producer and producer wells 

 Surface facilities:

Construction and installation of wellhead facilities and flow lines from wells to cluster (Production unit) Construction of cluster (Production unit) Engineering, procurement and construction of oil and gas transport pipelines.Engineering, procurement and construction of Power transmission lines.Engineering and procurement of Long Lead Items including oil transfer pumps,Compressors, Dehydration Packages,Threephase Separator, Instrumentation Valves ,Emergency Shutdown systems, Accurate flow metering system.

The oil produced during the Early Production period is transferred to north cluster of south Azadegan oil field and the oil produced in the Final production phase is transferred to West Karoon integrated production unit and the separated gas will be transported to NGL-3200 Unit.