Persia Oil & Gas Industry Development Co. (PrivateJoint-Stock Co.) was registered in Tehran Company Registration General Office as one of the subsidiaries of Tadbir Energy Development Grope on 22 Aug 2005 with capital 2,000 billion IRR.

to increase the ability to participate in all areas of E&P contracts for surface and subsurface projects with priority of shared fields and conducting its financial resources to complete the projects on time.

Undertaking oil and gas upstream and downstream projects,including drilling, developing oil and gas fields and construction of surface facilities.

We are interested in cooperation and investment with individual persons and companies in/out side of Iran. Our experience in Buyback/EPCF Projects and our highly experienced management team are worthwhile at the Iran oil and gas industry.

Human Resource:

Total directly recruited Personnel is 197, of which 150 persons are graduate / Post graduate (Including Bachelor,Master’s and PhD Degree) with high qualification and effective experience and special skills. Legal and contract office with international skills, commercial office capable

of handling projects with foreign and local resources, SubSurface Department consist of expert engineers,Procurement Department for supply of foreign and local equipment’s, Planning department with expert engineers at surface, subsurface and cost control district HSEQ, Quality Control,... . In addition to this, around 1800 Persons are employed indirectly in the ongoing subprojects of Persia Oil and Gas Industry Development Co